ASUS Releases the S1 Mobile LED Projector

ASUS Releases the S1 Mobile LED Projector

ASUS has announced the S1 Mobile LED Projector, which features a built-in 22Wh rechargeable battery for up to three hours of projection time.

Image source: ASUS.

Weighing just 342g and measuring 3cm tall, the S1, which can also be used as a 6,000mAh power bank to charge mobile devices, displays a 41-inch diagonal projection just one meter away from the screen. With an LED light source rated at 200 lumens and a 100% NTSC wide color gamut for bright, photo-realistic projections, the LED light sources has a 30,000 hour lifespan.

Integrated with ASUS' SonicMaster-enhanced speaker, the projector is compatible with laptops, media players, and game consoles, thanks to its HDMI port. The Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) lets the S1 project content from an MHL-compatible mobile device while simultaneously charging it.

The S1 Mobile LED Projector is available at S$549 (UP: S$599) at the PC Show 2014.

If you don't mind a slightly larger version with 75% brighter light output, you can also check out the recently reviewed ASUS P2B projector.

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