ASUS CEO Says Windows RT "Not Very Promising"

ASUS CEO Says Windows RT "Not Very Promising"

Source: Tablet-News

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer recently admitted that its Surface RT tablet, which ran an ARM-optimized version of Windows called Windows RT, was a flop. The company even took a US$900 million writedown and slashed prices of the Surface RT tablet in a bid to clear inventory.

Jonney Shih, CEO of ASUS, recently said the same but was a little more subtle in his giving his opinions. "The result is not very promising" was what he said. Additionally, he also mentioned that when it comes to Windows products, ASUS will focus on devices that use Intel processors. However, he does not rule out Windows RT devices completely.

To end, the company is evaluating building 8 and 10-inch Windows tablets, with Shih favoring the 10-inch form factor because he thinks it makes more sense.

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