AMD Announces FirePro W9100 Professional Graphics Card

AMD Announces FirePro W9100 Professional Graphics Card

AMD has announced the FirePro W9100 graphics card for professional workstations. At its heart, is the Hawaii GPU that was most recently seen in end consumer AMD R9 290X and R9 290 graphics cards.

The detailed compute specifications of the AMD FirePro W9100 are rather sketchy; however, we do know that it is capable of over 2 TFLOPS for its double precision processing throughput, and over 5 TFLOPS for its single precision processing throughput. In additional, the card comes with 16GB of GDDR5 video memory. With its six mini-DisplayPort ports, the card is touted to be capable of driving up to six Ultra HD 4K displays.

The FirePro professional graphics series has long been positioned by AMD as suitable for both graphics and compute requirements for businesses. Hence, AMD also made known its plans to develop an “Ultra Workstation” family to meet their requirements. Their partners include established systems integrators like Supermicro and BOXX Technologies.

(Source: AMD)

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