A Workstation to Remember - HP Z Launch

A Pretty Workstation...

A Pretty Workstation...

Workstations are usually functional tools, often merely workhorses for compute intensive tasks such as CAD/CAM modeling, digital animation, and geomapping in the oil and gas industries. But, as microprocessor companies such as Intel continue to make the processor ever more powerful and affordable, the bridging gap between the personal computer and workstation grows ever smaller. Supercomputer-class workstations are a norm, and with that, the need for a paradigm shift for personal workstations.

According to Jeff Wood, Director, Worldwide Workstation Marketing at HP, one of the key identifiers when the development of the Z series started three years ago was a rising call from clients and partners that the workstation really needed to look more presentable at the desks of modern offices, universities and professionals. This was the reason we were at the BMW Designworks studio, as they had a hand at the development of the new Z workstation chassis and design. Inspirations for the new Z workstation not only needed to be modern and classy, but also easy to handle and maintain.

BMW Designworks early foam models of the Z Series.

While we wouldn't call the Z workstation a work of art outright, it is after all still a rectangular computer chassis, there is no denying the subtle evolution from the rigid xw series to a more effeminate design. BMW Designworks gave the Z line curves in all the right places for a more sophisticated look, while still retaining the frontal grills of a traditional powerhouse machine. These characteristics can be seen in automobile designs as well, especially when you look at BMW's own Z4 roadster.

The HP Z Workstations share many of the design philosophies of designer sportscars: sleek and sexy exterior, with a powerful and yet extremely efficient engine.

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