We Came. We Saw. We Rocked. Apple's New iPods

We Came. We Saw. We Rocked. Apple's New iPods

We Came. We Saw. We Rocked. Apple's New iPods

Having lost Apple's invitation in our emails for the "Let's Rock" Event in San Francisco, we had our own 'rocking' event here in Singapore when we attended the unveiling of Apple's latest products. Compared to other events in Singapore that we frequently attend where products are showcased and modeled by vivacious and pretty ladies, Apple took a different tack. In their case, there were no models to distract you from the true stars of the event, Apple's newest products. Look at the pictures below and you will see what we mean.

 The new iPod Touch - they are calling it the 'funnest' iPod ever. We can fully agree with that statement. Minus the GPS and the cellular connectivity, you are basically getting all the goodies (which include apps and games that can be bought over at the Apple App Store) that come with the iPhone without being tied down with a two year plan.

 Slim Jims have nothing on this baby!

 The new Touch (top) and the original Touch (bottom).

 The new Touch (right) and the original Touch (left).

 The iPod Classic now comes in only one size: 120GB. No more choices to make. Apple has made the decision for you. You lucky devil, you! With the capacity to hold up to 30,000 songs, you must either be a very rich fella to buy that many songs or you have been a very bad boy, indeed.

 How many colors will it take for you to buy an iPod nano? How about nine? Add to that a new skinny design (to fit your skinny jeans) and a build made from aluminum and glass (careful on the scratches!), a longer display (the longer the better, we say), an accelerometer (they are just sticking this into everything, aren't they?), you probably have to start saving up cause we thinks this will be sold out pretty quickly!

 The new nano (left) and the old nano (right).

 The new Shuffle! Like it could get any smaller! New colors but the same prices. If not for the music, they make for very nice tie clips, I must say!

Also introduced was the new iTunes 8, which is probably one of the easiest music management software out in the market now. It features a new visualizer for the user to be immersed in music visually, new ways to browse your music and videos by cover art and more. To top it all, Apple has added in a Genius playlist generator that automatically create a playlist of songs that relate to the currently playing song either by genre, tempo or beat.

All they have to do is to simply hit the Genius button and iTunes will in typical 'genius' fashion come up with a playlist of songs from the user's library. This helps the users discover music that they might have forgotten or didn't know had existed.


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