The Vista has Landed!

Vista has landed

Vista has landed

It wasn't so long ago when "Longhorn" was still the codename being extensively used to describe Microsoft's next generation operating system. In the absence of formal acknowledgements by the software giant, the official name for the latest release of Microsoft Windows had been anybody's guess when rumors began circulating in May 2001. It was only in July 2005 did Microsoft put all rumors to rest by formally christening its new operating system as Windows Vista. With the official name "Vista" only at the fore and in the limelight for more than a year; it's easy for the uninformed to derive at the impression that Vista had only taken a little over a year to be developed. In truth, what many do not realize is that Windows Vista is actually a product, a software culmination involving more than five years of painstaking development and intensive testing before it was finally brought to worldwide market on 30th January 2007.

While the vibrant pastel colors of Windows XP continue to paint a fresh experience despite being more than five years old, there's no denying that it is fast showing its age in modern home and office environments. On all fronts, especially multimedia, mobility and security, Windows Vista is expected to greatly enhance user experience and expectation moving forward beyond 2007, which is certainly good news for weary users.

Here in Singapore, the official launch of Microsoft Windows Vista was executed on 1st February 2007 at Funan DigitaLife mall, a couple of days off the global launch. Dubbed Vista Fiesta, the momentous launch celebrates not just the introduction of the ground-breaking operating system but also Microsoft Office 2007 as well, which is yet another important product that Microsoft is hoping will revolutionize the way people work, live and play. The last day of the launch campaign is on the 4th of February, which should provide you with ample time to head on down to Funan DigitaLife mall for a hands-on before you conclude your upgrade decision. As usual,® was there at the launch and here's what we saw.

 At the front of the queue was this chap who was eager to get his hands on Microsoft Windows Vista. Good thing for him, there was a surprise installed for him.

 For being the first Singaporean to buy a copy of Microsoft Windows Vista, he was rewarded with a signature edition of Windows Vista Ultimate, signed by billionaire Bill Gates himself.

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