The Complete Guide to Near Field Communications in Singapore

Understanding Near Field Communication

The Next Wave in Convenience

Besides 4G/LTE, the mobile world is also pushing for the rapid adoption of near field communication (NFC) technology among consumers. NFC-enabled smartphones have been introduced to the market as early as last year, and the momentum is set to pick up in the coming months with tablets and even notebooks incorporating NFC.

Several phone manufacturers such as Research in Motion, Samsung and Sony are working to build up an ecosystem for their users to enjoy NFC services. The three telcos also rolled out their respective credit, pre-paid and stored-value payment services through NFC-enabled mobile phones.

Through this guide, we hope to empower you about the basics of NFC, what you can do with it, how to get NFC services setup, the supporting merchants and much more!

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Hands-on: HTC Butterfly 2

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4.5-Inch LG F70 with 4G LTE Connectivity Available in Singapore from May 24

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