Sony's Alpha Strike

What the Alpha Is

What the Alpha Is

The new Sony A100 DSLR is positioned as an "entry-level" DSLR camera and sports a special combination of various technologies that make it unique:

Super SteadyShot Anti-Shake Function - Adopted from Konica Minolta's Anti-Shake technology, Super SteadyShot anti-shake is able to detect movements caused by the hand using a gyroscopic sensor, and shift the movable CCD in the exact direction and magnitude of the shake to prevent blurring of photos caused by the hand movement.

Anti-Dust Feature - The A100 features an anti-static coating that attracts less dust than conventional sensors. Even if dust settles, a Super SteadyShot anti-dust vibration system, similar to Olympus' Supersonic Wave Filter, can shake the dust particles off and prevent them from ruining photographs.

Bionz Image Engine - This is the name given to the Sony A100's new image processor. According to Sony, it is especially good at rapidly processing high-resolution images to reproduce very noise free results with high detail preserved. This is especially good for photos shot in dark environments that tend to have such noise.

D-Range Optimizer - Similar to HP's Adaptive Lighting and Nikon's D-Lighting, Sony's D-Range Optimizer analyses a photo, determines where the underexposed portions are, and adjusts exposure and tone only in those areas for a more consistent look. The Sony engineers we spoke with insisted that because the Bionz Image Engine handles this system, it is far superior to the competition in terms of speed and noise generated, which is a common byproduct of such image adjustment. Furthermore, the A100 is the first and so far, the only DSLR to feature such a technology.

A cutaway of the A100 revealing its innards. Click the image for an enlarged photo shot.

A disassembled A100 was on display at its launch

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