Riding the Waves with Panasonic - New Cameras and Camcorders for 2010

Fun in the Sun - Panasonic Style!

Fun in the Sun - Panasonic Style!

Riding on the new wave of heat (and of course, technology), Panasonic officially announced a whole slew of new Lumix compact cameras, HD camcorders and SD camcorders at Wave House, Sentosa. Aside from the usual presentations and hands-on experience, the media even had the chance to participate in a casual photography competition. We braved the sun to attend the fun-filled event that saw the appearances of babes and hunks, and came back slightly weather-beaten but, thankfully, with our coverage intact.

The afternoon started simple enough, with free time for the media to walk around and take in the displays lining the area.

The presenters, Wilson Ang, Marketing Executive, AV Department, Panasonic, and Phau Cheng Hwee, Marketing Manager, AV Department, Panasonic got the ball rolling with overview presentations about the newly launched products (more on those later), as well as touched briefly on the recently announced Panasonic DMC-G2 and -G10. We at HardwareZone.com just previewed both of these pre-production units, and you can read more about it here. But here's a brief recap for those to lazy to soak up what we have covered in detail:- while the G2 and G10, both Micro Four Thirds cameras, share similar specifications, they also have marked differences. The G2 comes with a touch-sensitive and articulating LCD screen, and AVCHD Lite recording capabilities. However the G10 forgoes those and can be thought of as the entry-level model 'DSLR' for the Panasonic G-series.

The talks were followed by a fun photography competition that saw journalists pitting their skills against each other. But wait, there's more on the new compacts and digital video camcorders on the following pages.