Prolink Pumps Out Portable 13.3-inch Monitor and 4G Router

Prolink Pumps Out Portable 13.3-inch Monitor and 4G Router

Prolink's Customer Appreciation Night 2012

We swung by Prolink's event earlier this evening to find out what the buzz was all about. Last we checked, it wasn't supposed to be a media event per se. Held at the Aquanova in the heart of Clarke Quay, this was a night where Prolink showcased their upcoming GSS (Great Singapore Sale) promotions and new branding themes for the benefit of their retailers. All was not lost, however, for we were presented with two new offerings from the local firm. One is a portable USB-powered display, designed to "up-size" a notebook's screen estate, and the other is a 4G wireless router which doubles up as a mobile hotspot as well. Incidentally, both items were also featured during Prolink's recent tech show at Suntec City which ended its run last week. The PRO1301WE monitor and WNR1012 router will be launched during the upcoming PC Show (7th to 10th June 2012), tagged at a launch price of $229 and $59 respectively. Here are some snapshots of the monitor and router exhibited during the event.    

Portable Screens - Meet The 13.3-inch PRO1301WE Monitor

Instead of cumbersome AC adapters, Prolink's PRO1301WE monitor is powered via USB instead. This increases the 13.3-inch display's portability, and best of all, it is a highly versatile monitor too. For instance, when mounted on your laptop, the LED-backlit display can be positioned horizontally or vertically next to your notebook's native screen. When hinged, the PRO1301WE is capable of swiveling up to 225 degrees, or you may simply fold it behind your laptop. But what stood out was its 8mm depth, which makes it ideal to tote around. It is highly portable too since the monitor weighs a mere 654 grams. Here comes the best part. Since this baby carries a HDMI, VGA, and Mini-DisplayPort, this also makes it compatible with a plethora of devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and even cameras. Although portable monitors aren't new in the market, the PRO13101WE happens to be Prolink's maiden attempt at this particular genre of compact displays.   

Route As You Go - Prolink's WNR1012 4G Wireless-N Router

Prolink introduced the mobile WNR1011 4G router late last year - a compact router which doubles up as a 3G/4G hotspot with iPhone tethering perks. Its bigger and less travel-friendly brother was unveiled tonight, the WNR1012, which packs more features and networking capabilities into an affordable $59 package. The WNR1012 router supports both AP and repeater (WDS) modes, as well as file sharing, QoS, WPS (Wireless Protected Setup), and theoretical top speeds of 300Mbps on its single radio. Of course, you may also use the networking device as a mobile hotspot if need be, simply by plugging in a compatible 3G/4G USB adapter. Prolink's router also packs an auto fail-safe feature, in which either the 3G/4G or WAN network will be utilized in the event the other network option is unavailable. However, do note that the WNR1012 only carries 100Mbps-based Ethernet ports instead of Gigabit offerings, which probably explains the router's attractive pricing as well. 

That's all we have for you. If you'd like to know more about Prolink's special promotions or newly released products, please check out their website at, or look for them on Facebook. The local firm is also giving out a number of goodies with various purchases, so be sure to find out what they have to offer if you're on the hunt for networking devices or PC accessories. In addition, you may also stand to win a Prolink Windows 7 tablet with every S$100 spent on Prolink's products. However, do keep in mind that these deals are only valid during the GSS period. Till then, happy shopping!