Pre-IFA 2007 Press Conference in Monte Carlo, Monaco

IFA 2007 Gathers Momentum

IFA 2007 Gathers Momentum

Five months ahead of the second annual IFA event, journalists from all over the world (as far as Japan and yes, Singapore) converged in the beautiful beach resort of Le Meridien Beach Plaza, Monte Carlo, Monaco to hear what the organizers Messe Berlin and gfu (Society for Entertainment and Communication Electronics) have to offer to consumers in IFA 2007.

The IFA (known as the Internationale Funkaustellung) is an international consumer electronics tradeshow held in Berlin, Germany every two years (until last year, when it defied convention and decided to happen annually). IFA 2007 remains and is expected to be a bigger and better show than 2006�s, if the press conference is anything to go by. "Preparations for IFA 2007 have been so successful that we are looking forward to one of the strongest and most exciting IFAs ever," said Dr. Christian Goke, Chief Operating Officer of Messe Berlin.

According to the organizers, one of the most spectacular trends at IFA 2005 was the generation shift in TVs � the changeover to flat cinema-style screens in 16:9 widescreen format. In IFA 2006, which we covered extensively last year, two further media technology innovations were prominently featured � the introduction of 1080p HDTVs (Full HD televisions) and the introduction of TV services for cell phones and mobile equipment, mainly due to the collaborative efforts of broadcasters, device manufacturers and telephone companies.

We also saw the emergence of the Blu-ray Disc as a potential victor in the next-generation disc format war but today, that format war might be heading towards a different direction, especially with the introduction of universal players from Korean companies like Samsung and LG.

It is of course expected that this year�s show, to be held from 31 August to 5 September 2007 around the Radio Tower in Berlin will continue to focus on developments in HDTV, the next-generation disc format as well as IPTV, HD camcorders and video-on-demand services. Dr. Goke also mentioned that IFA 2007 will have more emphasis on audio-related exhibitions, as larger sized speakers are making a powerful comeback into the audiophile space. The new audio segment, called the IFA Audio Entertainment area, will be prominently placed close to the main entrance at the south of the exhibition site, with dedicated PR activities to support the presentation of this innovative and important market segment.