Panasonic VIERA Regional Launch

Panasonic's Opening Address

Big Guns Talking

Mr Hiroyoshi Suga, Director for Panasonic Marketing Asia, kicked off the event with a friendly discourse. Noting a few key points, he spoke of the rapid growth rate of flat panel displays adoption in the Asian market and how Panasonic is expecting their figures to rise to 29% this year, although CRTs still snag the lion's share in consumer homes, currently at two-third's of the numbers.

Continuing on, he also spilled the beans on Panasonic's business strategy, like the organization's current focus on the quality of their NeoPDP and IPS Alpha panels, while effectively buffing up the numbers for their product lineup along the way. On the marketing end, Panasonic will also be looking at enhancing strategic Asia Pacific investments as well as taking a proactive approach to Panasonic CRT users, mainly by educating them on the perks of flat panels.

Mr Hiroyoshi Suga, Director of Panasonic Marketing Asia, telling us why Panasonic is still kicking-butt after all these years. He's also optimistic that Panasonic will remain as the dominant PDP leader in six Asian countries.

A summary of Panasonic's marketing strategy. They're expecting a replacement of 2.5 million CRT sets this year, versus a total of 11.5 million units for the past 11 years.

Mr Hirofumi Wada, General Manager for Panasonic AVC Japan, next talked about Panasonic's evolving technologies on the VIERA front. In the name of the Japanese company's great ambitions, Panasonic will focus on improving certain vital factors for their TVs. In a nutshell, their R&D teams would be looking at boosting their panel's contrast ratios, and reducing the panels' girth as well as energy consumption. Citing the new 42-inch PDP as an example, he spoke of how the new NeoPDP panels are expected to consume a power equivalent of just two light bulbs annually (150kWh/year). Now, isn't that neat?

Mr Hirofumi Wada covering the essentials of Panasonic's NeoPDP evolution during his talk. This emphasis is hardly surprising since the plasma arm happens to be Panasonic's life blood after all.

Here's what you can expect from the new VIERA lineup for 2009. As shown, picture quality, eco-friendliness, and networking features act as key selling points for Panasonic on their latest salvo.

Mr Motoki Nakahara, General Manager for Panasonic Marketing Asia, tackling some questions from the media. We know that the Z-series released in the States possess Wireless HD features. However, Singaporeans won't be seeing that feature anytime soon since the frequency used by Panasonic runs in conflict with our military standards here.

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