Panasonic Reveals Smart Viera TVs and Home Entertainment Line-up for 2012

Smart Viera - Plasma Display Panels

Panasonic's Plasma Portfolio

You've met Panasonic's LCD armada. Now it's time to rub shoulders with the plasma displays. Panasonic has visibly bumped up their panels' sub-field drive to a whopping rate of 2,500Hz compared to last year's 600Hz VT30S model. Essentially, the VT, GT, and ST series will carry the new NeoPlasma Black 2500 panels with a higher aperture ratio, improved filters, and a 2,500Hz Focused Field Drive. What's interesting is that there is barely any difference in specifications between the flagship VT50S and the next-in-command GT50S, except that the GT series has a slightly more pronounced metal bezel and an Infinite Black Pro panel (as opposed to VT50S' Infinite Black Ultra). To the uninitiated, Infinite Black Ultra is Panasonic's pre-charge control technology designed to improve black levels and to avoid floating-blacks issues. Now, another new feature to join Panasonic's plasma family is the Web Smoother function, designed to eliminate blurring associated with online video content. Again, Web Smoother is found in all Smart Viera PDP models except for the budget-friendly X-series. The VT, GT, ST, UT, and XT series are all equipped with active-shutter 3D capabilities, except for the entry-level X-series which is purely a 2D display with a HD-ready resolution. For a more detailed features comparison, please consult the table below.

Plasma TV fans will have to wait till June for the VT50S to arrive. But in the meantime, we can confirm that this sleek babe with tout an imposing 2,500Hz Focused Field Drive emission rate on its Generation-15 panel and THX 3D certification.

 The GT50S's price is anyone's guess, but we can tell you it has quite a similar hardware portfolio to the VT50S. However, the GT50S is fitted with a slightly thicker metal bezel and Infinite Black Pro (Panasonic's black-level enhancements) instead of Infinite Black Ultra as implemented on the VT50S.

Users familiar with the Viera Remote app would also appreciate the improved application which is already available on the Android market (Google Play) and Apple's App Store. Some of the new features include the Browser linkage, which enables you to transfer the TV's web browser contents to the mobile device or vice versa. Multi-touch interactivity for web browsing is now improved with the current Version 2.0 application as well. On top of that, users can convert their smartphone or tablet into a gamepad controller with compatible games too. To facilitate streaming, users simply have to "flick" the track or video on the phone towards the TV to initiate the streaming process. Of course, there's also the new Viera Touch Pad controller which enables you to navigate the Smart Viera platform via its touch interface. However, do note that the Touch Pad remote will only be bundled with the VT and WT series. 

Panasonic's improved Viera Remote app enables you to do much more with your tablet or smartphone compared to the previous version. Besides enabling you to transfer content between the TV and mobile device, the Version 2.0 application also allows you to "flick" songs or videos to the Smart Viera display.

Now you can navigate Panasonic's Smart Viera TVs like how you would via a notebook's touch pad. The Touch Pad controller (left) also boasts of an Internet button which summons the Viera Connect home screen. Volume and channel controls apply as well.

Panasonic 2012 Plasma Televisions - Features Comparisons
Series Panel Resolution 3D Smart TV Web Browser Wireless Connectivity Moving Picture Contrast Professional Viewing Mode Availability
 VT NeoPlasma Black 2500 1920x1080 Active-shutter Viera Connect Yes Built-in Wi-Fi, DLNA 2500Hz Infinite Black Ultra ISFccc, THX 3D certified June 2012
 GT NeoPlasma Black 2500 1920x1080 Active-shutter Viera Connect Yes Built-in Wi-Fi, DLNA 2500Hz Infinite Black Pro ISFccc, THX 3D certified May 2012
 ST NeoPlasma Black 2500 1920x1080 Active-shutter Viera Connect Yes Built-in Wi-Fi, DLNA 2500Hz Infinite Black Pro NA May 2012
 UT G15 Full-HD Plasma 1920x1080 Active-shutter Viera Connect Yes Wi-Fi Ready, DLNA 2500Hz  - NA May 2012
XT  G15 HD Plasma 1024x768 Active-shutter Viera Connect Yes Wi-Fi Ready, DLNA 600Hz  - NA May 2012
 X G15 HD Plasma 1024x768  NA  NA  NA Wi-Fi Ready, DLNA 600Hz  - NA May 2012


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