NVIDIA Shares Updates on Tegra and GeForce at Computex 2012

GeForce Updates

Of GeForce GTX 680M and Ultrabooks

Besides Tegra, NVIDIA also gave us some updates on their GeForce graphics cards. The company is understandably very happy with their new GeForce GTX 600 series. We’ve reviewed the GeForce GTX 690, GTX 680 and GTX 670 earlier, so be sure to check them out. Based around Kepler, the new cards have been so popular that NVIDIA said that it has problems meeting demand - that's not a bad problem to have if you ask us.

The GeForce GTX 680M offers up to 80% more performance than the previous GeForce GTX 580M.

Building on the momentum of the earlier released Kepler cards, NVIDIA has also just announced the GeForce GTX 680M. The important facts and figures of the GeForce GTX 680M are as follows:

  • Based on Kepler (not a rebadged Fermi)
  • 1344 CUDA cores
  • 720MHz core clock speed
  • 3600MHz DDR memory clock speed
  • 4GB GDDR5
  • 256-bit memory bus
  • No GPU Boost, that’s exclusive to desktop SKUs

The Alienware M17x is one of the notebooks to debut with the GeForce GTX 680M. Alienware has a larger M18x model that can be specced with dual GeForce GTX 680M in SLI!

The chip will debut on Alienware’s M17x and M18x notebooks along with MSI’s GT70 and Clevo’s P150EM.

Next, NVIDIA also revealed that the latest generation of Ivy Bridge-powered Ultrabooks will begin supporting NVIDIA GPUs. Although this is not entirely new - the Acer TimelineU M3 had a GeForce 640M - it is good to see notebook makers adopting discrete GPUs on their Ultrabooks because it gives them so much more performance, especially where gaming is concerned. It also suggests that AMD's Trinity APUs featured in more price-competitive notebooks are actually of considerable threat that Intel's Ultrabooks require NVIDIA's assistance despite Intel's all new HD Graphics 4000 integrated GPU in their Ivy Bridge CPUs.

A showcase of new Ultrabooks to use NVIDIA discrete graphics chips to increase their competitive advantage.

Here’s some upcoming Ultrabooks that will have NVIDIA GPUs in them:

Brand Model GPU Screen Size (inch) Screen Resolution
Acer M5-481TG GeForce GT 640M LE 14 1366 x 768
Acer M5-581TG GeForce GT640M 15.6 1366 x 768
ASUS UX32VD GeForce GT 620M 13.3 1920 x 1080
Gigabyte U2440N GeForce GT 630M 14 1366 x 768
Gigabyte U2442N GeForce GT650M 14 1600 x 900
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