NEC Water-Cooled Desktop PC Launch Event

NEC Water-Cooled Desktop Launch

NEC Water-Cooled Desktop Launch

Water-based radiator cooling might be the norm for automobiles but Japanese PC manufacturer NEC thinks that consumer PCs should benefit from the same technology as well, right out of the box. Water-cooling isn't really all that new in the PC market with plenty of components and kits to choose from. However, these have usually been reserved for the enthusiast and overclocker markets where high-end cooling is usually associated, not to mention that a certain amount of DIY work is required in order to get a water-cooling setup done right. NEC on the other hand, intends to bring water-cooling into our homes as transparently as possible; being part and parcel of a regular consumer desktop system.

As thermal management becomes a bigger issue with faster and faster CPUs, NEC believes water-cooling represents a natural way to move forward. Earlier in the year, NEC unveiled a whole range of water-cooled PCs from entry-level Celeron based models to high-end dual core Pentium Ds as part of their Valuestar G series. However they were only available to the Japanese market, up till now that is. 13th September marked the launch of two new desktop ranges, the entry-level PowerMate MT and high-performance PowerMate DL by NEC Asia Pacific's CEO, Mr. Chak Wong. Among these, the highlight of the night was actually the top-end PowerMate DL T8000 w, which was the only model to feature NEC's advanced Water-Cooling Technology. Due to market trends and differences, NEC will not at the moment introduce water-cooling for their lower-end models like they did in Japan. However, NEC is working closely with component manufacturers so users can expect further improvements to the high-end setups in the future.

NEC launched two PowerMate series, the PowerMate MT and PowerMate DL, but the main event was the introduction of the PowerMate DL T8000 w water-cooled wonder in a box.

NEC Computers Asia Pacific's Director of Marketing, Mr. Toshiki Sumita giving us a low down on the benefits and development behind their advanced Water-Cooling Technology.

NEC presenting the advantages of their water-cooling technology.

The core of NEC's advanced Water-Cooling Technology laid bare. The liquid within is a mix of water and a coolant additive.

Specially designed coolant tank, pump and CPU jacket is larger than most DIY water-cooling units.

Not your standard water-cooling radiator either, looks more like a mini car radiator.

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