MWC 2011 - Rollin' with Motorola, Samsung & Huawei

MWC 2011 - Motorola

Remember CES 2011? Motorola kickstarted the year with new directives in their business, as well as with the release of Atrix 4G and Xoom, both of which made appearances at MWC as well. However, we still haven't gotten any official word about their availability in Asia Pacific, though we must say we would love to see the Atrix in Singapore due to its unique ecosystem of accessories (i.e., the "infamous" laptop dock). This time, the two devices share their stage with two other upcoming handsets, the Motorola Gleam and Pro.  Both phones have not been announced for the Asia market yet.



Here's a short Angry Birds video played on the laptop dock with the Atrix docked (so effectively, you are playing it from the mobile phone through the dock). You can easily adjust the game to full screen on the laptop. As you can see below, the trackpad replaces the touch controls.