MSI Mobos and Graphics @ Computex 2010 - Wooing the Enthusiast

Soaring to Greater Heights - MSI's Graphics @Computex 2010

Soaring to Greater Heights - MSI's Graphics @Computex 2010 

With names like Hawk, Afterburner and Lightning, speed or rather overspeed is one of the main focus of MSI's graphics cards in recent times. Together with its Twin Frozr II cooler, with its emphasis on cool performance, these two approaches summarize MSI's efforts in developing its graphics cards.

These efforts include having the best components onboard; again like its motherboards, military grade components are preferred for its enthusiast GPU offerings. Meanwhile, there are also features to enhance the power delivery for these cards, from a 15-phase power design to having dual 8-pin connectors for those overclocking situations where more power is required. Finally, the Twin Frozr II cooler comes with two fans, two SuperPipes (which are thicker heat-pipes than the average) to ensure better thermal performance than the reference design.

With NVIDIA recently releasing its GTX 465 graphics card, MSI has prepared a Twin Frozr II Golden Edition, and we also saw a liquid cooled GTX 480 among the graphics cards on display at MSI's booth.


Besides having the Twin Frozr II, this limited Golden Edition also has the ability to allow over-voltage of the GPU. This is the first time that over-voltage has been enabled for a Fermi class GPU.

There are limited numbers of this particular graphics card from MSI and each card will have its own unique number engraved here. MSI told us that there are plans for just 3000 of these.

The MSI N480GTX HydroGen features a new liquid cooled design that manages to be single-slot, thus allowing 3-way SLI on compatible boards. It also has the over-voltage capability.

MSI was also showing off its Graphics Upgrade Solution, which is basically an external graphics adapter for your notebook.

The model shown here may have the ATI Eyefinity logo nearby but this Graphics Upgrade Solution is actually a casing with its own 90W power supply which can accept both ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards. Due to the 90W power requirement, most of the high-end GPUs are ruled out, but even a mainstream discrete graphics card would do wonders for a notebook running on integrated graphics, the target segment for this product.

This external graphics adapter uses the Express card interface, with and comes with its own integrated USB 2.0 ports, which is why it can even connect directly to the game controller here. This Graphics Upgrade Solution is sold either separately or bundled with a compatible GPU. By itself, MSI estimates that it would cost around US$109 and getting a bundled deal with a graphics card may end up cheaper than buying them separately.

We have finished with the components section of MSI's booth but stay tuned for more Computex 2010 updates, including the consumer electronics products from MSI.

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