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MSI Mobos and Graphics @ Computex 2010 - Wooing the Enthusiast

After the Big Bang - MSI's Motherboards @Computex 2010

After the Big Bang - MSI's Motherboards @Computex 2010  

Unless you're a creationist, it's pretty much widely accepted that the universe came into being after a Big Bang. It is hence an appropriate term that a new motherboard series earlier this year from MSI bore the name 'Big Bang'. One of the earliest examples of the Big Bang series is the Fuzion, a very interesting board that utilized the Lucid chip to enable multi-GPU configurations between graphics cards from incompatible rivals, ATI and NVIDIA. While the initial implementation left much to be desired, Lucid and MSI have been working constantly to improve the driver support. Additionally, MSI has built on the Big Bang series, notably releasing the XPower, an extreme, Intel X58 enthusiast board that we previewed here.

MSI's work at refining the Fuzion has apparently paid off and the board has been recognized with a 'Best Choice' award at Computex 2010. The company however is moving along with its wooing of the enthusiast: the recently released trailer of 3DMark11, the upcoming version of the popular benchmarking suite prominently features MSI's logo. This is a product placement that will be seen by enthusiasts all around the world, and will raise the company profile even further.

With these developments in mind, we check out MSI's components- motherboards and graphics cards - at its Computex 2010 booth to find out what the company has up its sleeves for the rest of the year and beyond.