Loewe's New Sound and Vision

The New Loewe Speakers

New Loewe Speakers

Besides the televisions, Loewe also introduced two audio offerings.

Loewe Speaker 2 Go

You don’t need us to tell you that the modern music lover most likely uses a smartphone as his or her primary playback source. Keeping this in mind, Loewe has launched a new portable, wireless Bluetooth, NFC-enabled speaker in the form of the Speaker 2 Go.

The Loewe Speaker 2 Go checks all the boxes to be considered a modern boombox. It is portable, provides wireless playback via Bluetooth and is compatible with NFC technology.

The speaker unit looks gorgeous and resembles a draughtsman’s instrument case. However it weighs 1.3kg and is deceptively dense. On its back, you will find the 3.5mm audio input port and the power adapter port. Touch buttons on the top of the device are accompanied by suitable soft lights for confirmation and feedback. The location of the NFC tag is denoted by a circular, black mark. Establishing a Bluetooth connection via NFC was slightly on the slower side which was a bit disappointing.

Other nifty design aspects of the speakers include a physical on/off power switch. This seemingly 'plain' feature was included for the benefit of users who want to chuck the Loewe Speaker 2 Go in their bags while on the move. This is to prevent accidental press of control buttons that might power up the speaker unintentionally and draining it. A rubber foot at the bottom of the unit assists to provide slight elevation to give the speakers a 7.5-degree tilt for better sound projection.

If you look closely, you will be able to notice the retractable rubber foot at the base of the Loewe Speaker 2 Go.

In terms of audio capabilities, the Speaker 2go has 40W of power output levels and a 2.1 configuration. Three individual Class D digital amplifiers have also been thrown into the mix. The star aspects of the speaker’s performance were its loud volume and strong bass. The lows were well extended and deep, albeit slightly loose. Good mids help round the sound profile out. Lack of clear trebles however reduces the impact of certain tracks such as Melt My Heart To Stone.

The Loewe Speaker 2 Go is available now with a price-tag of S$599.


Loewe 3D Orchestra IS

Loewe also introduced the 3D Orchestra IS, which is a sound system for your home entertainment needs. Loewe representatives were keen to highlight the 360-degree omni-directional sound projection of the speakers and the wireless capabilities as the highlights of the product. Sadly, we were unable to thoroughly test these speakers and we are unable to confirm or debunk these claims at the point of writing. 

The Loewe 3D Orchestra IS is now available for pre-order at S$3,789 for the 5.1-channel system and S$2,689 for the 3.1-channel  version. Perhaps we might review one of these in the near future, so stay tuned!

The cylindrical shape of the Loewe 3D Orchestra IS helps it provide omni-directional sound.

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