HardwareZone Goes Wild for Its 15th Anniversary

Everyone's a Winner!

Prizes, Prizes, and More Prizes!

Gathering back the Forest Lodge once they were done with the games, participants had to exchange their game cards for lunch vouchers. By then, many of our members were famished, and feasted on the KFC or vegetarian meals provided. Quite a few participants also made their way to the HP booth to check out the various notebooks HP had on display once they were done with lunch. 

Once the scores of all the participants were added up, it was time to give out the prizes. 37 prizes were set aside for the lucky draw, with an additional three prizes for the individuals who were the most active in posting about the day's events on their social media networks. There were also prizes for the two most enthusiastic participants. And let's not forget the top five individuals who scored the most points during the games; last we heard, the prizes were super attractive.

Due to the sheer number of prizes given, we won't be posting photos of all the winners. But here are a select few: