Getting Jiggy With Windows 7 - Installing the Beta

Softwares to Go!

Softwares to Go!

We're assuming that you already have a working OS on your Intel Atom-based machine, as we're going for a dual-boot set up here. You'll still want to keep your current OS for sure, as this is still a beta product which also means it's not supported by Microsoft just yet. So apart from those mentioned earlier, you'll also need just two more programs to get this whole show on the road.

They are:

Copy both program executables to your USB flash drive together with the Windows 7 ISO file. Then plug the drive into the machine you intend to install Windows 7 on (in our case, we're using the HP Mini 2140 that we've recently reviewed ), make a folder and copy everything into that folder. With us so far? Good! It's time to start installing.

Daemon Tools

As ominous as the name sounds, this program is actually quite safe to use. It's basically a drive emulator that tricks the computer into reading the Windows ISO file as a real DVD, which means you don't have to burn the contents (the ISO file) onto a DVD like how it's normally done. There are a few things to take note off when installing the software though, so pay attention, unless you want to end up with a computer with different settings.

EASEUS Partition Manager

Once you're done with the installation, the next step is much easier. Install the EASEUS Partition Manager and then run the program.

Easy wasn't it? The hard part's done, now you just need to install Windows 7!