GeForce GTX 460 Roundup Part 2 - Mainstream Bonanza

Introducing the Cards (contd.)

The Gainward GeForce GTX 460 Golden Sample GLH

The Gainward GeForce GTX 460 Golden Sample GLH “Goes Like Hell” might be really compact, but it boasts one of the highest clock speeds we have seen on a GeForce GTX 460 right out of the box - a heady 800MHz at the core, 1600MHz at the shaders, and an equally impressive 4000MHz DDR at the memory. This should make it a close competitor against the reigning GTX 460 speed king - the Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 Super OC. However, despite its considerable clock speeds, Gainward has decided to go with a pretty basic cooler, hence it’ll be interesting to see what kind of temperatures this card will reach.

What’s also interesting is that unlike the usual twin DVI and mini-HDMI video output options we get on Fermi cards, Gainward has decided to be more practical and is offering two DVI ports, a single HDMI and VGA ports instead.


The Manli GeForce GTX 460

Of all the cards here, the Manli GeForce GTX 460 is unquestionably the plainest, sporting not only a reference cooler, but also reference clock speeds. Hopefully the cooler will be tuned to provide better cooling and overclocking.