Fujitsu Lines Up the Catwalk

Fujitsu's Concept Notebooks

Fujitsu's Concept Notebooks

Breaking away from its stiff-collared business image, Fujitsu unveiled several concept notebooks and showcased its current notebooks at a hip gallery along Mohd Sultan road. The concept notebooks, designed by Kenichi Kimura, Chief Designer and Design Consultant of the Personal Solution Design Department, Design Center, Fujitsu, truly looked like the stuff dreams are made up of.


According to Kenichi Kimura, the three concept notebooks were based around a DJ's turntable, a gamer's handheld console and the art of Origami (Japanese paper folding) respectively clearly represented their inspiration yet remained functional.

Sneak Peek: LifeBook P7230

Fujitsu teased us with a sneak preview of the up and coming P7230 notebook, also designed by Kenichi Kimura. Unfortunately specifications at the moment are still under wraps and more details will be revealed later.