Cooler Master Offerings at Computex 2013

Casings and Accessories

New Tower Casings and Accessories

The company also updated its existing line of casings, starting with the Cosmos SE full tower chassis.

For consumers looking for a less ostentatious chassis, the CM 693 would be right up their alley as it brings minor updates to the popular CM 690 chassis series.

The company also updated its more recent casing line-up like the Silencio and CM Storm Scout chassis to give them a breath of fresh air. The Silencio 352 looked like a down-sized Silencio 550, and the updated chassis only accommodate mini-ITX and mATX boards.



To round up its exciting chassis offerings, we were shown the towering CM Storm Trooper. The full tower chassis features a sturdy carrying handle, and front panel that is sloped for easy accessibility.

In true something-for-everyone spirit (at least for iOS device owners), the Duo docks and Ren stands were showcased. The Ren stands are made from aluminum and can safely cradle iOS devices. The Duo docks can accommodate iPads, iPad Minis and iPhones for their data-syncing as well as charging needs.