Consumer Electronics Exhibition 2013 Highlights

Armaggeddon, ASUS and Avision

The newest kid on the block, the Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CEE), is currently held at Suntec City from the 31st of October to the 3rd of November 2013. It's still pretty much in its infancy but if consumers warm up to it, this show will be another yearly fixture. For a start, it's held at Level 6 in Suntec's exhibition center, Hall 601 to 605, from 12pm to 9pm. It's a smaller show than what you might be used to, so most of the show floor is taken up by the ISPs and major electronics retailers like Courts and Newstead, so here are some of the deals and products that caught our eye. Oddly, there aren't any major TV/AV related products at the show and most are related to computing, communications and personal entertainment.


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Show Highlights





Newstead and Courts were the key people selling ASUS products across various stands spread across the halls. Here's a few that we thought would appeal to shoppers:



If you need a compact solution to your scanning woes, check out the Avision MiWand 2 Wi-Fi Pro. It's a wand-type scanner that you can carry in your backpack. It also features built-in Wi-Fi in case you need to send pictures to your smartphone or laptop in a hurry. For more details, you can check out our first looks article for the MiWand 2 Wi-Fi Pro here

What if you wanted a feed-type mobile scanner? The new Avision ScanQ shown below goes for S$149 and does just that. Supports SD cards with 32GB capacity, has a maximum scanning resolution of 1200dpi and is battery powered.