CeBIT Hannover 2006 (Part 6)

Corsair's New Toys

Corsair's New Toys

Corsair demonstrated their latest PC2-8500 memory which comes at a blazing clock speed of 1066MHz. These new TWIN2X1024-8500 modules will be available right after CeBIT.

The new PC2-8500 memory modules are set to operate at a CAS latency of 5 and will be available in 512MB pairs although you can see here that they do have a working technical demo with 1GB pairs.

For current AMD users, Corsair launched their 2GB kits with the new TWINX2048-4400PRO modules. Rated at 550MHz, these DDR1 modules now come at a capacity of 1GB each.

Corsair also showed us their new Nautilus 500 water-cooling system that uses an external radiator box (as shown).

The Nautilus 500 also comes with VGA waterblocks for NVIDIA SLI systems.