Canon Updates Its PowerShot Lineup, Adds a Downsized Legria Too

Canon Updates Its PowerShot Line, Adds a Downsized Legria Too

Canon's New PowerShot Additions and a Handy Legria Mini

Canon’s PowerShot range has always catered to the more discerning compact camera user, with the PowerShot G-series and S-series being the more popular products within the PowerShot line. With compact camera sizes going down and sensor sizes going up, it’s strange to see the new PowerShot G16 still retaining the PowerShot G-series’ trademark heft. On the other hand, Canon has also aimed to please those looking for a smaller package with the PowerShot 120. But that's not all; there are also two superzoom models as well as Legria Mini that are being unveiled today.


Canon PowerShot G16

Sharing the top spot of the PowerShot line with the S120, the G16 is catered to those who don’t mind trading more features for additional bulk. Externally, not much has changed from its predecessor, the G15. This also means it retains the optical viewfinder so rarely found on compacts.

Inside, the G16 sports an improved Digic 6 processor as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. The new processor promises better low-light performance as well as faster autofocus and shutter lag when compared to the G15. Other upgrades include full HD video recording of up to 60p (compared to the G15’s 30p) and the Star Nightscape, Star Trails and Star Time-lapse movie modes which are specially catered to capture the starry night sky. As with all the G-series cameras, build quality is robust and we can see this camera either being an enthusiast's main camera, or a smaller alternative to a DSLR. 

The G16 will retail at S$699 and will be available by the end of September.


Canon PowerShot S120

The PowerShot S120 replaces the S110, increasing the maximum aperture of the S110 to its current aperture of F1.8. Since most of the advanced compacts have apertures starting at F1.8, it’s no surprise that the S120 has also managed to up its ante and keep up with the contenders. Similar to the G16, the S120 comes with the new Digic 6 processor, so it will feature faster AF speed. In our cursory use of the new S120 at the launch event, we did notice the AF was fast and nimble, though we would have to test it against its predecessor to truly notice just how much faster it is.

Similar to the G26, the S120 will also come with the new  Star Nightscape, Star Trails photo modes and Star Time-lapse movie modes. And despite its size, its sensor is larger than your average compact, at 1/1.7-inches. It also sports a well-built body while being compact enough to slip into your pocket.  The camera will be available from mid-October, though its price has yet to be revealed.


PowerShot SX510 HS and SX170 IS

Also on display were the PowerShot SX510 HS and PowerShot SX170 IS. Both are superzoom compacts, suitable for the avid traveler who's not interested to tug along a bulky DSLR camera, nor meddle with complexity, but still demands reach from a compact. The SX510 HS features a 30x optical zoom, while the SX170 IS has a 16x optical zoom. Sensor-wise, the SX510 HS has a 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and Digic 4 processor, while the SX170 IS sports a 16-megapixel sensor and the Digic 4 processor as well. Since both models are true mainstream cameras for the masses, Canon feels that the existing processing platform should be more than sufficient for this target group of users. 


Canon Legria Mini

The Legria Mini isn’t just a camcorder that has been shrunk down. Rather, it is to be used as a front-facing camcorder, for many of you YouTube uploaders. The Legria Mini has a F2.8 lens that is capable of capturing a 160-degree field of view when filming video and 170-degree field of view when capturing still shots. So this wide field of view makes it easy to film yourself or your friends even in confined areas, while you can switch to a closer shot with a touch of a button. The Legria Mini also comes with a built-in stand so you can leave the camera on the ground without having to support it for creative video shots.

With built-in Wi-Fi and support from Canon's iOS and Android apps, videos from the Legria Mini can be uploaded to the usual social media networks like YouTube or Facebook. And with the help of its built-in stand and the ability to start shooting remotely with the accompanying app, the Legria Mini looks to make recording and publishing a video easy and fuss-free. In fact, we see this as a video camcorder version of the PowerShot N, where Canon has taken a radical approach to how a compact camera should be used. 

The Legria Mini is now available in stores at the price of S$429.