The Camera with Two Views

Two Views Better Than One

Two Views Better Than One

If you fancy a slim point and shoot camera with two LCD screens, then Samsung's latest addition to their digital compact camera family would be something that you should check out the next time you hit the stores.

Launching three cameras at the land of smiles in Bangkok, Samsung took us through an experiential tour of their new digital compacts while enjoying the rich and unique culture found only in Thailand. We managed to test their flagship model while touring Grand Palace. Do check out some of the test shots in the following pages.

The new ST550 and ST500 compact digital cameras feature an additional LCD screen on the front of the camera, allowing the user to snap self portraits whenever and wherever they are. Perfect for the lone traveller or a seasoned 'camwhore', the new ST550 and ST500 will always ensure a perfectly framed shot, thanks to the added viewfinder on the front of the camera.

Besides letting you preview the shot from the front of the camera, the secondary screen also displays a numeric countdown during a timer shot. This would give you (and your friends) ample warning to prepare for that perfect pose.