Budget Casing Shootout - Affordable PC Housing

Ease of Installation (contd.)

Ease of Installation (continued)

The Ikonik EN2-WB

The NZXT M-59

 The Thermaltake WingRS 301


For outright ease of installation, the Cooler Master Centurion II is the clear victor. Mostly tool-free, practical and easy, the Cooler Master Centurion 5 II is a well-designed casing as far as ease of use is concerned. Build quality is also top notch, as the casing felt sturdy and the edges seemed to have been blunted a little to prevent cuts.

The NZXT M-59 also deserves special mention, because aside from the traditional screw-on expansion bays, it was right up there with the Centurion 5 II. Build quality is also commendable as the casing had a good solid feel.

The Gigabyte Luxo M1000 and Antec Two Hundred, though big, fall short in this category. You'll need a screwdriver with you at times to install components on both casings, and worst of all, both of them felt exceptionally flimsy and the edges were really sharp to touch. Users could easily get cut if they aren''t careful.