Bose Amazes Us with the VideoWave Entertainment System

The Stunning Bose VideoWave Entertainment System

The Stunning Bose VideoWave Entertainment System

It’s not everyday we get completely bowled over and astonished by a new product, but Bose has just accomplished that, because today in a ballroom at the Pan Pacific Hotel, we were introduced to their new VideoWave entertainment system that combines a home theatre sound system, 46-inch 1080p LCD display, and music system.

According to statistics from Atlas Sound & Vision, sole distributor of Bose in Singapore, despite the proliferation of widescreen LCD TVs, only one in three households and have a proper home theater system to complement their screens. One of the main reasons for this occurrence is due to the complexity of setting up a home theater system, Atlas claimed. And it is because of this that has led Bose to create the VideoWave entertainment system.

As an all-in-one system, the VideoWave consists of 46-inch LCD screen that has an integrated home theater sound system and a separate console set-top box. The set-top acts as a receiver and it is configured to accept just about any source, Cable TV, Blu-ray, PlayStation, Xbox 360, and it even comes with an iPod/iPhone dock. The set-top box is unique in that it also comes with what Bose calls the click pad remote, a touch-sensitive universal remote that is able to control all devices connected to Bose’s set-top box.

The VideoWave entertainment system is all about making things simple, and so it consists only of a 46-inch LCD screen with an integrated home theater sound system, a set-top box and the click pad remote.

But what’s really mind-blowing is the integrated home theater sound system in the screen. The screen itself is pretty thick at six inches, but Bose has managed to cram no less than 16 speakers into it - six woofers, seven mid-range drivers, and three high-frequency transducers. But more amazing than sheer numbers is the way it sounded. The vast spaciousness of the speakers as well as its sense of positioning is simply unbelievable, and then there’s the richness of its bass, and clarity and sparkle of the mids and highs. It’s hard to believe that there are no multiple speakers and what you are hearing is coming from components integrated behind a display.

After the demonstration, we were given a hands-on and Q&A session with the VideoWave entertainment system.

Slim and sexy the display ain't, but the sound you get from it is well worth it.

Audio wizardry and magic at work here.

The Waveguide is not new, in fact, it is the same technology that is employed on their flagship SoundDock 10. Basically, what it does is make bass sounds even fuller and richer while keeping it controlled and precise.

What's new, however, is the Phaseguide, a sound radiator technology that projects mid to high frequency audio with amazing depth and precision.

Although the VideoWave entertainment system is as ideal as it can get for small homes hoping to have quality surround audio experience with a decent sized display, it has certain drawbacks. For one, the amazing audio system is designed to only work with its integrated 46-inch screen and you can't output the video to another source like a home projector for example. Another concern is that the 46-inch LCD screen looks a little small compared to the audio power it's able to deliver; Bose couldn't yet comment if there will be other display sizes. In our opinion, a 50-inch to 55-inch screen would have been a more ideal match to its audio prowess (and price tag too). 

Based on our first impressions, the VideoWave entertainment system is a stunning piece of kit and we can’t wait to get a unit into our labs for a full evaluation. Meanwhile, for those interested to get a hands-on experience, the VideoWave system can be auditioned at Atlas’ stores from October 15. And if you are wondering about the price for this piece of audio magic, it’s a considerable S$9,999. Despite the high price, the technology that goes into making this product and the experience it delivers might just make up for it. Watch out for our full review in the near future to to find out if the VideoWave has what it takes earn its wings.

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