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The PowerColor PCS HD 5750 Premium Edition

The PowerColor PCS HD 5750 Premium Edition

Most vendors are releasing their Radeon HD 5750 cards with custom coolers and PowerColor is no different. As the PCS moniker suggest, the PowerColor PCS HD 5750 Premium Edition (henceforth referred to as the PowerColor PCS 5750 PE) comes with a custom cooler and its from none other than ZEROtherm. The ZEROtherm GX815 VGA cooler that is found on this card is one of the most extreme we have seen, with more than one hundred copper cooling fins to help dissipate heat. Hopefully this will translate to low operating temperatures which we'll find out later. If you are worried about noise, we are happy to report that the ZEROtherm cooler runs smooth and quiet.

Despite the aggressive cooler, the PowerColor PCS 5750 PE runs at ATI's reference speeds, which is a tad disappointing.

The blood red PCB and copper orange custom cooler of the PowerColor PCS HD 5750 Premium Edition makes for a visually arresting card.

Here's a closer look at the ZEROtherm GX815 VGA cooler. Two heat pipes draw heat from the copper heatsink base, which is then dissipated via the cooler's 120 copper fins.

ATI's Eyefinity is offered on the little Radeon HD 5750 as well, which means you can power up to three monitors using the DisplayPort, and any combination of DVI and HDMI ports.

Up to four Radeon HD 5750 cards can be connected in CrossFireX configuration for some serious graphics crunching power.

A single 6-pin PCIe power connector is required, as well as a PSU rated for at least 450W.

The PowerColor PCS HD 5750 Premium Edition is using high-end Hynix memory capable of 7 GigaTransfers/second. These memory chips are also more power-efficient compared to the older ones used on previous generation Radeon HD 4000 series cards.

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