5 New Household Gadgets from LG That Make Chores Less of a Chore

5 New Household Gadgets from LG That Make Chores Less of a Chore

It's probably a sign of old age when your interests in comics, games and gadgets turns to interest in refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and air-conditioners. But I guess every geek wants technology to help him make his life better, no matter what stage of life he's in.

You've already seen some of LG's new devices for the year, like their curved OLED TVs, webOS TVs and G2 flagship smartphone. In Seoul, LG just showed me five other everyday devices to help make household chores less of a chore.


1. Robot Cleaner Gets the Corners

If smart vacuum cleaners eventually lead to human enslavement under SkyNet in the far future, that's a risk I'm willing to take.

LG's little Hom-Bot Square comes with a square design which, quite logically, fits better into room corners. The higher-end models come with dual cameras to better scan for obstacles, so it can work smarter for its human masters until it gains sentience. To find out how it really fares, check out our detailed review.

2. This Vacuum Cleaner Follows You Around

Even the vacuum cleaner is getting a little smarter. The Kompressor RoboSense automatically follows its user around, keeping a comfy distance as you make everything new, everything clean.

You can also release the cord for cord-less cleaning up to 30 minutes. These two features will speak to anyone who's had to keep pulling a vacuum cleaner to you and switch cords all the time when doing different rooms.


3. Air-con with a Anti-Mozzie Playlist

It's not new, but LG also showed an air-conditioner with a special module that generates inaudible ultrasonic sound, which targets the mosquito's sensitive sound sensor, making them dizzy, inactive or turn away.

But does ultrasound really work against these annoying insects? Scientists seem to say no, and mosquitoes might even get used to the sound after a while. It might also just be the dry air in an air-conditioned room that gets to them. The test video I saw in LG did seem to show the device knocking mosquitoes senseless, and LG says it has performance certificates from IIBAT (International Institute of Bio-Technology and Toxicology) and Intertek.

But for mosquito-bothered Singaporeans who'd like to test LG's anti-mozzie air-con for themselves, this air-con is only being sold in Africa, India and Bangladesh for now - other tropical countries that have a far higher problem with mozzie management.


4. The Fridge with Many Doors

Who says you can't have a fridge with too many doors? LG's door-in-door fridge divides a fridge into smaller doors and has doors within doors, so you can open an outer door and still keep the inner fridge nicely sealed.

Sounds zany at first, but opening and closing fewer doors leads to less cold air loss (41% less, according to LG) and more power saved. Plus, the more doors you have, the more stuff your fridge can store!


5. Punch Your Bed 8000 Times a Minute

Not many people will buy a cleaner that only vacuums your bed. But the cordless Bedding Clean comes with a Dual Punch feature that punches your bed 8000 times per minute. Imagine what that will do to your enemies (kidding)! Might even make a great massage machine (double kidding)!

All kidding aside, pounding the bed like that helps to remove fine dust and even dust mites, which get picked up by the cleaner. A dual HEPA filter helps to remove dust, odor and germs, while a UV light sterilisation station reduces the chances of contamination. For people with tough allergies (like myself), it might be time to get even with this dust mite puncher.