A Workstation to Remember - HP Z Launch

The Computer is Personal Again... and so is the Workstation

The Computer is Personal Again... and so is the Workstation

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has been on a consumer marketing blitz in recent months, trying to transform everyday computing experience into something bigger, something more slick, and yet very user friendly. Who would have thought that this design philosophy also extended to their business products.

HP has just launched their next generation workstations, the HP Z Workstation series, based on the new Intel Xeon 5500 processor platform (Nehalem). For many in the industry, this news may be seen as just another logical refresh or upgrade, part of a product life cycle that we're all used to and maybe even a little jaded against.

However, HP wants you to know that the Z line is nearly a total re-imaging of the workstation experience, and perhaps the most significant workstation launch in the company's history. To drive home the fact that the Z is meant to cement itself into a role as the celebrity face of the workstation world, HP unveiled the Z series in all its pomp and grandeur worthy of a red carpet affair right in the heart of Hollywood.

We were taken to the ultra secret BMW DesignworksUSA studio in California where Jim Zafarana, Vice President and General Manager of HP's Global Business Unit, Workstations took the lid off the brand new Z series workstations. The three models, the Z400, Z600 and Z800 will replace the current generation xw4600, xw6600 and xw8800 models respectively in both one and two processor configurations. The AMD Opteron-based xw9400 workstation will still be in service, and will be refreshed. However, there are currently no plans to introduce an AMD-based Z series model (but we believe that will come in due time when AMD makes their next update).