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Music Videos at Your Fingertips - VEVO HD

Music Videos at Your Fingertips - VEVO HD

When it comes to music videos, the natural inclination is to get on your desktop and watch YouTube or something.

Most of us would subscribe to a music video subscription service like MTV or Channel V. Little do some of us realize that VEVO (a music video service owned by Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Abu Dhabi Media) has an app for the mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire) and media centers (such as Google TV, Boxee, Roku and Xbox 360) called VEVO HD. The service itself already streams some pretty good quality music videos on YouTube, as part of a revenue share model between VEVO and Google, but not all of them are accessible in all countries.

The VEVO HD app is free to download AND free to view (that is, if you can find it on your home country platform stores). Chances are, you cannot find the app here in this region because it's limited to only the US, Canada, some parts of Europe, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa (yes, South Africa). We hear your pain (unless of course, you live in those countries or you have a mobile platform account to those countries).

There are about 75,000 music videos from more than 21,000 artists on the VEVO service, so you can liken VEVO HD to a lethal combination of Spotify + music video of sorts.