Toshiba Laptops Celebrate Their 25th Birthday

Birthday Delight

Birthday Delight

Never one to miss out on the fun, Toshiba's Notebook division decided to celebrate its 25th birthday in style. Held at The Arena in Clarke Quay, Toshiba had a great show planned, starting with a magic show by Magic Babe Ning. It was then followed up with a quick presentation before Toshiba brought out the cake. Yes, there's a cake. After all, what's the point of having a 25th birthday without one? So yes, the cake is not a lie. We have the pictures to prove it.

Besides hosting an awesome birthday party, there's also another reason why we went down for the event. Here's a clue, it's something to do with notebooks and Toshiba also took the opportunity to launch two new models, the first being a refresh of the its Toshiba Portege R series, the new 13.3-inch Toshiba Portege R700, which follows the previous 12.1-inch R600.

The second, is the first dual-screen touch notebook from its the Toshiba Libretto line, the Libretto W100.The Libretto range is Toshiba's answer for those who want a notebook packed into a small form factor yet not a netbook, and the W100 is the first in 5 years to come up with a product catered to this niche segment. We'll be getting one for a quick hand-on preview soon, but for now you'll have to make do with this picture.

Both notebooks will be available come September, and to be honest, we can't wait to get our hands on either one to play with. We have gotten in touch with Toshiba on the Libretto W100 though, so expect to see a preview of the unit soon! Other than these two units, Toshiba also displayed a few of their newer refreshed models, the Toshiba Portege T210 and T230. The Portege T230 is a 13.3-inch notebook that used to be using Intel's CULV processors, but have now gotten the Intel Core i3 upgrade. The Portege T210 is an 11.6-inch notebook that uses an Intel Pentium U5400 processor. Both notebooks will be available in July.