Top 100 Products of 2012

Cameras & Video Camcorders

Cameras & Video Camcorders


Canon 5D Mark III

The Canon 5D Mark III offers a solid upgrade in every aspect over the 5D Mark II. Handling is improved, auto-focus is more comprehensive and responsive, the camera shoots a high six frames-per-second, and images are cleaner at high ISO levels. While its competitor the Nikon D800 blows the roof off the megapixel house with its niche 36MP sensor, the 5D Mark III is more than sufficient with its 22.3MP sensor and offers a more rounded, all-in-one package for most shooting situations.

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Fujifilm X-Pro1

Fujifilm's first mirrorless system camera, the X-Pro1 is a distinctive camera both in terms of design and technology. It comes with Fujifilm's hybrid viewfinder, first seen on the X100. The hybrid viewfinder lets you switch between an optical and electronic viewfinder, depending on which you prefer.

The X-Pro1 introduced Fujifilm's X-Trans CMOS sensor, which mimics the random arrangement of film grain and manages to do away with the optical low-pass filter. This allows it to capture images with a higher degree of detail than its peers, with exceptionally low image noise.

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Nikon D4

The Nikon D4 is a high-performance, high-precision tool which is quite obviously not for everyone. But for those that do require its power, we can guarantee they won't feel disappointed. The D4 brings amazing high ISO/low noise sensitivity, fast frames-per-second shooting and smooth handling. Its one weakness would be its use of the rare XQD memory card as its secondary card slot.

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Nikon D600

The D600 is Nikon's most affordable full-frame camera yet. One might have expected Nikon to cut corners in order to deliver a camera at this price, but that turns out not to have been the case at all. The D600 feels every bit a pro-grade camera as Nikon's higher-end full-frames, with the only compromise being the 39 AF points being bunched in the center.

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Nikon D800

Nikon deserves kudos again for the Nikon D800, a camera which pushes the leading edge of DSLRs forward. At 36MP on a full-frame sensor, the D800 delivers incredible images, full of breathtaking detail and rich in tones with a very high dynamic range. If that wasn't enough, Nikon boldly released a D800E variant, which removes the optical low-pass filter and captures even more fine detail.

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Olympus Tough TG-1

Heading off the beaten track? The Olympus Tough TG-1 is a rugged camera that is 2m shock-proof, crush-proof to withstand 100kg, 12m water-proof, and -10°C freeze-proof. Besides being tough as nails, the TG-1 also sports a maximum aperture of F2.0 and a high-resolution 610K-dot 3.0-inch OLED display that boosts scratch- and water-resistant coatings. We’re sure that the TG-1 will survive your adventures and capture the memories of them as well.

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Olympus OM-D E-M5

There's just something about the E-M5. It's not just its specs: 16MP sensor, 5-axis image stabilization, weather-resistant body. It's also how well the camera handles with its twin control dials, quick AF speed and easy AF point selection. Add to that its ability to capture images with gorgeous color as well as its class-leading high ISO performance and you have a fun, remarkable little camera to shoot with.

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Panasonic HC-X900M

Videographers who are also audiophiles will want to check out Panasonic's X900M, which comes with a 5.1-channel surround sound microphone. It also shoots up to 1080/60p, with manual controls at the ready. The Hybrid OIS helps you keep your shot steady, and Panasonic's 3MOS system also ensures that you have plenty of image detail.

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Samsung EX2F

The Samsung EX2F is the Korean Chaebol’s flagship premium compact. While Samsung hasn’t always been known for its cameras, the EX2F manages to hold its own with camera bigwigs like Canon and Panasonic with its bright F1.4 lens and swiveling AMOLED display. Image quality is generally good and build quality is robust, so if you can look past the EX2F’s larger size, it's a good camera to consider. But the main reason the EX2F makes our list is its advanced "smart" features to easily share your photos on social media channels through built-in Wi-Fi and smart applications for your smartphone to remotely frame and trigger the shutter-release of the camera. As a whole, it's the smartest advanced compact of the year if there was such a distinction.

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Sony Alpha SLT-A99

Sony came back to full-frame in a big way in 2012 with both the RX1 and the A99. Their first full-frame camera since 2008, the A99 is the first to be built with Sony's proprietary translucent mirror technology. This means that the A99 has an electronic instead of optical viewfinder, but it also means that its phase-detection auto-focus is fast whether you're using the viewfinder or the rear swiveling LCD screen. The A99 also comes with a built-in GPS, live view focus peaking, 1080/60p movie recording with the ability to output uncompressed video and a fast six frames-per-second shooting frame-rate.

More information: HWZ Article


Sony Cyber-shot RX1

The most innovative camera to come out of 2012 didn't come from the big two; instead it came out of left field from Sony. The RX1 is a compact, full-frame camera with a fixed 35mm f/2 lens, in a size seemingly impossible for a full-frame camera.

The 35mm field of view is familiar to street photographers, and the camera's fast f/2 lens with its small size should prove to be popular with anyone who wants a discreet, easy to carry camera with no compromises in image quality.


Sony RX100

Sony's RX100 offers the best overall balance between image quality, performance and portability. It blows the rest of the digital compact competition out of the water with its large 1-inch sensor, which also sports one of the highest resolutions in the market for digital compacts. If you’re willing to fork out the S$999 for it, the RX100 is one of the best digital compacts you can get right now.

More information: HWZ Review


Sony Handycam HDR-PJ760VE

Sony's HDR-PJ760VE is easily one of the best camcorders of the year. It delivers great image quality, even in low light, and comes with Sony's excellent optical image stabilization. For those who love high frame-rates (anyone who watched The Hobbit in HFR and loved it) the PJ760VE can shoot up to 1080/60p, and you can even project your movies with the built-in projector.


Sony NEX-VG900

Sony isn't just pushing the boundaries with its full-frame digital cameras, this year it also introduced the VG900, the world's first camcorder with a full-frame image sensor. It uses E-mount lenses, and an A-mount lens adapter opens it up to Sony's existing library of DSLR camera lenses (if you use E-mount lenses, the VG900 only uses part of its sensor, akin to an APS-C crop).

Unfortunately, while it should be able to do so, it doesn't actually shoot 4K video, but it will shoot beautiful full HD video.

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