Tegra and Ion take Center Stage - NVIDIA @ Computex 2009

More NVIDIA Ion Systems on the Way

More NVIDIA Ion Systems on the Way

As we all know now, the NVIDIA Ion platform is just the marriage of the handicapped Intel Atom processor with NVIDIA's GeForce 9300 mGPU chipset. This same chipset is so wildly popular that it's the basis for a number of Apple products in their current lineup. While we've all seen what the NVIDIA Ion is capable of from our initial review of the engineering system, it just hasn't seen the same kind of momentum from the vendors until very recently. Here's a handful of new all-in-one desktop systems
based on the Ion that could be coming our way soon:-

One of the most stunning of the lot is this ECS Morph-I system with a tilt capable huge display and matching keyboard/mouse combo to boot. With a fairly capable graphics engine thanks to the Ion, a large screen size on a system still running the Intel Atom is quite a reality.

Here's a version from ASUS, the Eee Top ET2002 all-in-one machine. As its name suggests, it has a 20-inch widescreen too. With big players like ASUS and ECS committing to the Ion platform, it's quite a strong signal that that the Ion is definitely a hit.

And here's the Kitchen PC from ICD.

This is the Weibu N10A mini-notebook with a 10-inch screen that's using the Ion platform.

Telecast's TL-1000N is yet another. Notice the Call of Duty 4 game on the machine? Yup, the Ion can handle it well.

And here's the world's first mini-notebook using NVIDIA Ion that was announced just last week - the Lenovo IdeaPad S12. Expect this same Ion-based version to be available sometime in August.

To prove the versatility and power of the NVIDIA Ion platform, NVIDIA got hold of an early unit of the Lenovo IdeaPad S12 and got it running a full 1080p HD clip of the Dark Knight trailer, while it was tasked with a video transcoding process with Badaboom media converter .

Here's a close-up of the screen and the CPU utilization rate. Even when handling such heavy-duty chores that an Intel platform based Atom system would have failed miserably, the NVIDIA Ion really utilizes the integrated GPU's resources with the help of CUDA and is able to tackle these tasks well with the right applications. Bear in mind, the IdeaPad S12 uses a single-core Atom processor, so the results we see here are remarkable.


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