Sights & Sounds of Computex 2012

Unique Customized Casings

Unique Customized Casings

Computer casings can be fairly boring things. Seriously, how many ways can you design a boxy, rectangular object whose main purpose is to house all your system’s components? That said, computer casings need not be boring objects as the following customized casings we’ve see will can surely attest.

All that Glitters is Gold @ ECS

It seems to say “pirates” on the side, but this highly-detailed casing was placed in a Diablo 3-themed exhibit. Seems like everyone wants to jump on the Diablo 3 bandwagon. Anyway, this casing has an elaborate treasure chest design and features lovely gold-plated innards with what looks like an ECS Black Extreme motherboard.


Aerocool's Military Power

The Aerocool Strike-X Air might not be new, but this customized version of it proves that all it takes is a little creativity and some hard work to breathe new life into an otherwise regular casing. Taking full advantage of the open-air design of the original Strike-X Air, Aerocool has commissioned a professional case-modder to produce this exquisite piece that turns the otherwise bland Strike-X Air into a unique piece of computer casing art.


All Aboard the Lian Li Express

The PC-CK101 resembles a traditional steam engine train and it moved up and down a set of tracks at the Lian Li booth. The chassis measures 185mm in width, 258mm in height and has a depth of 515mm. During its locomotive demonstration, it had "steam" wafting up from its chimney.


Ban Nguyen and Bitspower's ASUS ROG Creation

This chassis marked the collaboration between the Vietnamnese modder Nam Nguyen and Bitspower to build this chassis in ROG colors. The design of the chassis was inspired by hydro-electric dams and he decided to embark on this "Dam Awesome Power" chassis with the help of Bitspower.