Samsung's IT Products Cluster Launch - Of Printers and Notebooks

And the Notebooks...

And the Notebooks...

Next up, we have the notebooks. While these notebooks have been previously announced, Samsung is taking the opportunity to consolidate all these models into one launch event. As such, there’s a wide range of notebooks here, with two netbooks (Samsung N230 and N150 Plus) , three (technically two) updated mid-range notebooks (Samsung R440i and R440e) and one notebook that just screams premium, the Samsung Q330.

The two netbooks, the Samsung N230 and N150 Plus are the latest additions to Samsung’s popular netbook models. Both feature a new Fast Start feature which basically turns on the unit in 3 seconds after it’s been put into Sleep mode. While both models look alike, the $699 N230 is the slimmer premium model and weighs in at just 1.03kg while the N150 Plus is cheaper at $599 but weighs a little heavier at 1.26kg.

As for their mid-range notebooks, it’s their R series notebooks with a slight model number increase from Samsung R430i to the newer Samsung R440i/e. While the R440i is targeted mainly at business users, the R40e is aimed at consumers who want to be able to play games and come packing discrete graphics in the form of an ATI Mobility Radeon HD545v.

Lastly the premium notebook in the line up is the Samsung Q330, a sleek and slim notebook which checks in just under 2kg and features NVIDIA’s Optimus technology for automatic graphics switching. This will mean power savings and a machine that lasts longer while battery powered as you don’t have to rely on the more power hungry discrete graphics if it isn’t needed.