Samsung South East Asia & Oceania Forum 2012

Other Sightings

Of Wi-Fi Enabled Cameras and Super Sleek Notebooks

Besides the palette of AV products and mobile gadgets, we also spotted a number of new offerings from Samsung around the show ground. They include a bunch of Wi-Fi enabled cameras such as the WB850F and WB150F as well as the very sleek Series 9 notebook, which purportedly took Samsung's engineers and designers 33,000 man-hours to design and create; if Samsung is to be believed that is. Before we sign off from Bangkok, here are a few parting shots of these gizmos which some of you might appreciate. Till the next Samsung Forum, we'd like to say 'DuuLae Tua Aeng Dee Dee Na Krab' (or take care), and we'll see you soon.