Samsung Roadshow 2006

Samsung Laptops

Samsung Laptops and Ultra Portables

Samsung teased the crowd with its exclusive Q1 Ultra Mobile PC. Of course we've already had our hands-on testing and here's <a href="/product-guide/view/70551/review/70558">our take on it</a>.

The new and sleek Samsung X60 not only boasts a PCI Express Gigabit LAN port and an integrated X1600 graphics card, but it also comes along with a PCMCIA remote control.

Despite the new X11's slim profile, it still sports a hearty Nvidia GeForce GO 7400 GPU as well as a 14.1-inch screen. Weighing 2.1kg, the X11 is available at a RRP of S$2,999.

Samsung's Q35 boasts a 7-hour battery life - great for road-warriors. This laptop also offers Samsung's AVS now technology which lets you play media without booting up and loading the O/S.

The ultra light Q35 weighs only 1.11kg and is extremely eye-catching. Within is a luxurious full-sized keyboard as well as a low-noise fan system. Also seen in the picture above is a matching external optical drive.