Samsung @ CeBIT 2007 (Part 2 of 2)

Business Printing to Penetrate the B2B World

Business Printing to Penetrate the B2B World

In Part 2, we visit Samsung at their IT booth where the company had a presence that focused on its latest series of laser printers, notebooks, monitors, a new Blu-ray set-top player and home/SOHO solutions.

What's particularly interesting is that hot on the success of its CLP-300N personal color laser printer and the CLX-3160N 4-in-1 color laser AIO (announced at CES), Samsung is making further in-roads into the personal laser printing market as well as the SOHO/SME markets aggressively. In an interview with Mr. Park Sang Jin, President and CEO of Samsung Asia (Southeast Asia and Oceania), Samsung�s strategy is to excel and do extremely well in the business printing market as a way to spearhead the company into the B2B world.

"While Samsung is strong in the retail business, it is relatively new when it comes to the business-to-business (B2B) market. The printer business is part of Samsung�s plan to spearhead the company into the B2B world. This is why our printer business is so important to us. Worldwide, the market worth of the printer business is US$130 billion, which is the same as the mobile phone business. There is only one dominant player in this area � Hewlett-Packard. While it looks formidable, at the same time being dominant also means vulnerable, so there is a way for us to increase our business and penetrate into the B2B world."

"Once you sell the hardware, you can make good business with consumables, which generate income for you. We believe in the color laser printing market particularly, we can be a strong number two and eventually, we hope to compete with HP."

According to Mr. Shin Hyundae, Vice President, Print Supplies Team, Digital Printing Division for Samsung Electronics, Samsung�s chief aim with its current range of personal laser printers is to "drive the push for color laser into the consumer market". With the world's smallest mono laser, multifunction, color laser and color laser multifunction, Shin believes these small sized and highly affordable laser printer solutions will appeal to consumers.