A Roundup of Interesting Casings from Computex 2012

A Roundup of Interesting Casings from Computex 2012

New Casings Ahoy!

Taiwan is almost like hardware mecca where every year the biggest names in hardware congregate in Taipei for Computex. Unsurprisingly, computer casings are one of the most popular products on the show floor. There’s a multitude of them in different shapes and sizes and here’s a quick roundup of some of the more interesting computer casings we’ve seen.

Antec P280 Performance One Series

Love colors? Then you'll like Antec's updated P280 lineup.

The Antec P280 is not entirely new, but Antec has just breathed new life into it. As one of Antec’s best selling casings, Antec has updated the P280 with a fresh palette of colors. Apart from the regular black, the P280 will now also come in grey, gold, ice white, red and blue. What’s sets this casing apart from other colored casings in the market is that is that the color extends to every panel, creating a casing that is of a solid color. Antec also says that the finishing of a very high quality so the color won’t fade or be easily scratched off if let’s say you accidentally scuff the casing with a screwdriver while trying to install new components.

Colors aside, the Antec P280 will be able to accommodate up to XL-ATX form factor motherboards and has a triple-layer front bezel (aluminum, plastic and foam) for better noise isolation. The casing also offers two USB 3.0 ports and can be installed with up to seven cooling fans.

Aerocool GT & New Predator Casings

Aerocool specializes in computer casings for gamers and has introduced a couple of new casings to add to their already sprawling collection.

The Aerocool GT in all its "white" glory.

Round the rear we can see that it will have nine expansion slots and four grommets for liquid cooling setups.

The highlight of their new casings is the simply named “GT”. The casing is still undergoing last minute refinements but it is set to be the company’s new flagship chassis and will boast a plethora of high-end features. For one, the front bezel is magnetic and can be slid up and down to reveal or hide optical drives. The GT will also have nine expansion slots to accommodate XL-ATX motherboards, offer USB 3.0 ports and support for up to six or more cooling fans.

The popular Predator casing will now be available in a mid-tower form factor and will come in a variety of colors.

In other news, Aerocool has also told us that they are expanding their extremely popular XPredator casing with two new smaller variants - the Predator X3 and Predator X1. The new variants will also come in a variety of colors such as blue, red and white.

CFI's Insane 2-in1 Monster Casing

The CFI-A1068 is definitely one of, if not the largest, casings we've seen at Computex 2012.

The top portion can house an independent mini-ITX system or it could simply be used for additional hard disks.

CFI or Chyangfun Industry Company is a Taiwanese company which caught our eyes thanks to its simply behemoth CFI-A1068 casing. The casing is a towering 780mm tall and is really two casings in one. The bottom component is a full-tower casing capable of swallowing motherboards of up to the XL-ATX form factor while the top component is really a mini-casing capable of accommodating yet another mini-ITX motherboard along with additional hard drives. As such, CFI-A1068 can hold two fully independent systems in one form factor. Hardcore? Definitely.

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