Philips Launches New Audiophile Earphones

Philips Launches New Audiophiles-range Earphones

Feeling the Right Thing!

Audiophiles know that choices are aplenty when it comes to audio peripherals and they'll be even more pleased to know that Philips is adding their fair share into the retail market. Held on the 17th of July at St. James Powerstation, Philips introduced two of their latest inner earphones lineup for your consideration - the Philips SHE9850 and SHE9800 (both of which are catered to specific needs).

The SHE9850 is positioned as a higher-tiered inner ear phone model designed for the jazz and rhythm enthusiasts. On paper, the SHE9850 combines high definition drivers with precise acoustic tuning, which would give it a strong enhanced bass to its audio delivery. Alternatively, for those who are seeking a more affordable alternative, the SHE9800 should fit the bill. Designed for the rock and pop fans, the SHE9800 headphones make listening to deep and powerful acoustics a perfect fit to your ears with specially designed micro drivers to get the best out of your stash of tunes.

Both the SHE9850 and SHE9800 are designed with a unique angled acoustic design which conforms to the anatomy of your ear, giving it greater comfort levels when you jive to your tunes. Packaged with a metal carrying case or a soft pouch for the SHE9850 and SHE9800 respectively, both devices are now available in retail outlets with a recommended retail price of S$179 and S$99 respectively.