Onkyo and Paradigm's New Audio Offerings

Paradigm's Audio Offerings

Paradigm’s Audio Offerings

Paradigm is known for the quality of its audio and the special attention to care and detail that they take in producing their audio products. We were given the chance to listen to two configured home theater setups.

Signature Home Theater Audio

Paradigm had setup a premium 9.2-channel system for our listening pleasure and according to them, the overall system price is close to S$45,000. The individual components included two Signature S8 standing speakers at the front right and front left positions. Each S8 comes with six drivers - a 1-inch tweeter, 7-inch mid-range drivers and four 7-inch low frequency drivers.

The tall and majestic Signature S8 speakers from Paradigm have multiple drivers to ensure quality audio.

The center channel is handled by the Signature C3. The C3 is equipped with four drivers which include a 1-inch high frequency driver, 4-inch mid-range drivers and 7-inch low frequency drivers. Rear left and rear right positions were occupied by two Signature ADP1 speakers. Much like the other components, these are also equipped with multiple drivers, five to be exact. The driver configuration for each of the rear speakers include a 1-inch tweeter, two 3.5-inch mid-range drivers and 6-inch low frequency drivers.

The Signature C3 by itself would put many full home theater systems to shame seeing that it comes with a 1-inch tweeter, 4-inch mid-range driver and 7-inch low frequency driver.

The massive Signature Sub 1 has a total of six 8-inch drivers for pumping out the bass.

As if the low-frequency drivers of the speakers were not enough, the entire setup also has a dedicated sub-woofer. The Signature Sub 1 is a behemoth and features six 8-inch drivers for pumping out the lows. All of these speakers were tied together by the Onkyo TX-929 AV receiver.

We were given the chance to hear the Paradigm Signature tackle All By Myself by Charice and David Foster. Even at loud volumes, the speakers were able to render the trebles with clarity and had no distortion. At the same time the melody was beautifully preserved, with each note being delivered with impact.

Paradigm Signature Series
Model Price
Signature S8 Speakers (Cherry)  $8,509
Signature S8 Speakers (Piano Black / Birdseye Maple) $9,289
Signature C3 Speakers (Cherry) $4,929
Signature C3 Speakers (Piano Black / Birdseye Maple) $5,319
Signature ADP1 Speakers (Cherry) $2,789
Signature ADP1 Speakers (Piano Black / Birdseye Maple) $2,999
Signature Sub 1 Sub-woofer (Cherry / Black Ash) $13,599
Signature Sub 1 Sub-woofer (Piano Black) $14,699


Classic Home Theater Audio

If S$45,000 is a bit too pricey for you, Paradigm also showcased a more affordable hone theater solution from their Classic speaker system range. The demo system set up for our listening was stated to cost around S$3,000.

This main effects speakers consisted of two standing Classic Monitor 7 speakers. Each of these, located in the front right and front left positions, comes with a 1-inch tweeter, 5.5-inch mid-range driver and 5.5-inch low frequency driver. The center channel was handled by the Classic Center 1 which boasts a 1-inch tweeter, 3.5-inch mid-range driver and 5.5-inch low frequency drivers.

The Classic Monitor 7 looks elegant with its wood finish.

Realizing the importance of the center channel, Paradigm has fitted the Classic Center 1 with a 1-inch tweeter, 3.5-inch mid-range driver and twin 5.5-inch low frequency drivers.

The sub-woofer for the system was a Classic PDR-80 which sports an 8-inch cone. At the rear left and rear right positions, two Atom Monitor 7 speakers provided surround audio. These come with a 1-inch tweeter and a 5.5-inch driver tasked with handling both mid and low range frequencies.

While the audio was not as nuanced from the Classic Home Theater System as compared to the Signature setup, it still had great impact. We would also like to make mention of the Onkyo TX-NR626 AV receiver that was used as the hub of the Classic sound system. It had Dynamic Volume EQ settings which could change the sound profile of the speakers. It also gave users the option to adjust the profile based on distance with the help of three presets.

Paradigm Classic Series
Model Price
Classic Atom Monitor (Heritage Cherry / Black Ash) $409
Classic Monitor 7 (Heritage Cherry / Black Ash) $1,029
Classic Center 1 (Heritage Cherry / Black Ash) $759
Classic PDR-80 Sub-woofer (Black) $629
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