NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti - The Budget Kepler With A Bite

Temperature & Power Consumption Results

Temperature Results

As we were missing quite a few reference card scores, we have substituted custom editions to give you a rough idea for how that card performs. The GTX 650 Ti was reasonably cool, running at 55 degrees Celcius at the core, which is about 5 degrees cooler than AMD's Radeon HD 7770.

Disappointingly, ASUS's huge dual-fan custom cooler was not all that much better than NVIDIA's compact single fan design, registering only 5 degrees cooler operation. As the GTX 650 Ti doesn't really require a lot of power, we don't expect it to overheat and as such, a large custom cooler such as ASUS' is probably more for show than actually required.


Power Consumption Results

Power consumption on the GTX 650 Ti was quite good, measuring just 6% more than MSI's GTX 650 Power Edition for a significant increase in performance.

ASUS's model was also quite impressive, with its large cooler and overclocked core drawing only 5% more power, while registering on average about a 6-8% increase in performance against the reference card.