Nokia World 2009: Booklet 3G and N900 Previewed

Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia Booklet 3G

Redefining the mobile computer seems to be on the plate at this year's Nokia World. First, it was the Nokia N900 that was all over the web and given the official announcement by Nokia. And then there was news of the Booklet 3G that came straight from Nokia. Now, with Nokia's Ovi Store, Nokia Music Store and all up and running, the attention is rightly placed on the accompanying mobile devices that'll utilize the services.

Over at Nokia World 2009, we managed to snag some very quick hands-on time with the gorgeous looking Nokia Booklet 3G, and boy, were we impressed with the aluminum clad netbook from Nokia. Sure it's yet another netbook you say, but this netbook is running on the power-optimized Intel Atom Z530, 1.6GHz processor. And it's official - it will ship with the Windows 7 operating system when launched for retail.

If you're not hot for this netbook yet, we're sure the built-in 3G capabilities, GPS functionality and HDMI output should give you an idea on what this baby can do. More importantly, its claimed 12-hour battery life isn't something to scoff at. It has been revealed that the Booklet 3G will be using a 16-cell prismatic battery. Additionally, Nokia has also thrown in Ovi services onto the netbook. It has been revealed that thanks to the Windows 7 platform, you can also expect to see Windows apps on the Ovi Store. This is a testament to how collaborating with Microsoft could net a huge gain for the Finnish company.

Retail availability hasn't been finalized, but it was officially announced that the Nokia Booklet 3G will be available for 575 euros before subsidy. The price point is higher than an average netbook. However, if its battery stamina and services do live up to its claim at Nokia World, this could make it worth its while. In the meantime, we'll leave you with some pictures fresh out of the oven from Nokia World. If it's a review you're looking for, we hope to get a review unit soon, so hold on to your horses!