Nikon's D7000 Launch - Familiar Design, New Performance

Nikon's D7000 Launch - Familiar Design, New Performance

Familiar Design, New Performance

Held at the Pit Building near the Singapore Flyer is Nikon's launch of the newest and latest DSLR camera - the Nikon D7000. It's been a long while since Nikon has had an actual launch event for their products, so we were definitely keen to find out what's going on, especially since the pricing and launch period of the D7000 would only be revealed at this media event. As you know, the D7000 is an upgrade of the D90, so it somewhat resembles the D90 in appearance, but there are also some tweaks to the design that would make it a totally new product. For instance, there's a new dual dial to learn, the bottom dial controls how the camera shoots while the top dial is your regular settings mode. It also has two custom settings switch for those that shoot in a studio and want to keep the settings the same. Dual also seems to be a theme, as the camera will also feature two SD card slots that support the SDXC format. The Live View button has also been changed to a toggle, making it easier to switch between the viewfinder and the LCD screen.

Here's what unfolded at the event, including a walk-through of the camera's latest features, thoughts from Nikon Managing Director of Singapore, as well as the full set of Nikon cameras that were just launched this season:-

The D7000 will be available for retail come early November, and will set you back by S$2299. It will come with a 18-105mm kit lens though, so at least that sum is not just for the body. With the launch date in November, it's almost certain that you'll be seeing this camera sold at the upcoming Sitex, and who knows, it may come with additional freebies by dealers. So if you are lusting after the D7000, you may want to hold off for just another 2 to 3 weeks to see if you can get a better deal.

For now though, you'll have to make do with the pictures and specifications of the camera and the new lenses available from Nikon.