New AV Products Debuted at the International Sound & Sight Exhibition 2012

Yamaha's Sound Projectors, Desktop Audio Products & HWZ Members' Sessions

YSP-3300 & YAS-201 Digital Sound Projectors

The YSP-3300 and YAS-201 digital sound projectors that we've seen at IFA also made an appearance at this year's International Sound & Sight Exhibition (ISSE). In a nutshell, the new YSP-3300 and YSP-4300 (which wasn't in time for display at the show) are advanced sound bars capable of producing multi-channel sound from a single-piece sound bar and a 130W wireless active subwoofer. On the YSP-3300, there are 16 'beam' drivers; on the higher-end YSP-4300, there are 22. By reflecting beams off the walls and reaching the listener from seven directions, Yamaha says these sound bars are able to achieve actual (instead of virtual), 7.1-channel surround sound. We had a go at the YSP-3300 again at the ISSE, and the surround effects really did sound mighty realistic. Some of our forum members had a chance to demo this over the weekend (more details about the special HWZ members-only session later in this page).

Both the YSP-3300 and YSP-4300 come with a YIT-W12 wireless transmitter so that you can stream music wirelessly from your iOS devices or computers. With Yamaha’s AirWired technology, uncompressed linear PCM transmission is possible. Both sound bars are equipped with four HDMI inputs, as well as an ARC (audio return channel) function. The HDMI inputs are capable of 4K and 3D pass-through.

The new sound bars are expected to go on sale from end 2012/early 2013. Local pricing aren't fixed yet, but the YSP-3300 is estimated to go for about S$2,339. The YSP-4300 should be just under S$3,000. On the other hands, the YAS-201 will go for about S$899. The YAS-201 is just a grade lower than the currently available YAS-401 (which we've reviewed) if you would like to have a further point of reference.


Desktop Audio Products

We also managed to get some hands-on and ears-on time with some of the latest desktop audio products from Yamaha. Here are the few that caught our interest in particular.


Yamaha Meets the HardwareZone Members

With more home/room AV discussions sprouting in our Home Theatre & Audiophiles forum, Yamaha has been partnering with HardwareZone to keep our audience informed of their latest developments and new products, and to offer our members valuable assistance. To bring this relation up the next level, during last year's edition of the Singapore International Sound & Sight Exhibition, Yamaha held get-together sessions with our forum members to showcase their latest AV products and lend a helping hand in some of the most frequently asked questions, such as what to consider in setting up a home theater system.

The closed door get-together sessions were held once again this year to enable our members to get a hands-on of Yamaha's newest gadgets for desktop audio, sound bars and the upcoming AV receivers we showcased on the earlier page. Keen members were also able to obtain valuable setup information and even nab member-only deals. Here are some photo highlights:-

For further follow-ups and more candid photos of the event, you can check out this discussion thread in our forum. Or, you can check out this thread to find out more about Yamaha's latest products.