New AV Products Debuted at the International Sound & Sight Exhibition 2012

Pioneer's LX-Series AV Receivers & Portable Audio Products

Pioneer's Booth

While Yamaha might have been out in full force, other companies were not far behind. There was a wide array of audio and visual products on show for the discerning customers, ranging from amplifier units, micro hi-fi systems, docking stations, wireless speakers, projectors, headphones and much more.

Pioneer had a range of devices which should grab the attention of any home theater enthusiast looking to add a prudent buy to their already existing setup. But besides offering great deals on their catalog, they were also showcasing some of the newer additions they have made to the lineup.

The LX Series AV Receivers

The main attraction was the new LX series of AV receivers which were launched in August 2012. Providing Class D amplification, the top of the line flagship SC-LX86 provides a total of 810W while the entry-level SC-2022K has a power output of 630W.

Taking into account the various devices that consumers employ as music sources, all the devices included in the LX series can offer playback through a variety of formats. Wireless playback is possible through AirPlay technology, while Android devices can also access wireless playback thanks to DLNA. At the same time, you can connect your portable music device to the amplifiers by using Bluetooth technology. A MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) USB port, which was first seen on monitors (such as here and here), is also provided. This allows for wired playback from any device which you can hook up to the LX series amplifier.

Pioneer has also launched their own dedicated application for both iOS and Android platforms which can allow for control of the LX amplifiers via your smartphone or smart device. At the same time, all the LX series models are equipped with an iPod, iPhone and iPad Direct Control button. This allows you to use your TV and AV remote to browse and access content stored on your Apple device.

Following is a complete rundown of the pertinent specifications for the Pioneer LX series.

The Pioneer LX Series - Specifications
  SC-LX86 SC-LX76 SC-LX56 SC-LX2022K
Dimensions 435mm X 185mm X 441mm 435mm X 185mm X 441mm 435mm X 185mm X 441mm 435mm X 185mm X 441mm

250W + 250W , 140W + 140W

230W +230W , 140W + 140W 210W + 210W, 130W + 130W 210W + 210W, 130W + 130W
Center 250W, 140W 250W, 140W 210W, 130W 210W, 130W
Surround 250W + 250W , 140W + 140W 230W +230W , 140W + 140W 210W + 210W, 130W + 130W 210W + 210W, 130W + 130W
Surround Back  250W + 250W , 140W + 140W 230W +230W , 140W + 140W 210W + 210W, 130W + 130W 210W + 210W, 130W + 130W
Total Power 810W 770W 720W 630
Audio Signal Processing Hi-bit32 Hi-bit32 Hi-bit32 Hi-bit24
Digital Filter Yes Yes Yes No
4K Passthrough Yes Yes Yes No
Speaker Settings 10 patterns 10 patterns 7 patterns 5 patterns
Multi-Zone 4 Zone 4 Zone 3 Zone 3 Zone
AirPlay / DLNA Yes / Yes Yes / Yes Yes / Yes Yes / Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes Yes


Wireless Portable Speaker

Wireless speakers have become all the rage recently. While products such as the Bose SoundLink and Beolit 12 use Bluetooth to provide wireless playback, the XW-SMA3-K goes up a notch. Capable of setting up its own wireless network hotspot, the speaker can provide wireless playback through protocols like AirPlay for Apple devices and DLNA for Android products without the need to be plugged in to an Ethernet port. Both have the benefit of being lossless transmission formats, as opposed to Bluetooth which is lossy, and hence users can enjoy a higher quality of audio playback.